The People's Republic of Zostrania Edit

Flag of Zostrania

The People's Republic of Zostrania is a large nation of 3.7 billion people located on the Eastern half of the European continent. The country is a Single Party leftist state, headed by the Proletarian Party of Zostrania, or the PPZ. It is the most heavily industrialized nation with subsequently the largest economy on the continent, as well as boasting the largest and most powerful military. The PRZ is the only nation in Eastern Europe armed with nuclear weapons, declared as only a deterrent for western powers. Although involved in peaceful diplomacy with it's neighbors, the PRZ also pursues a militaristic foreign policy at the same time, hoping to one day unite the continent under a single banner, forming the "New Soviet Union".

The PRZ was born out of a long and bloody struggle for socialism and liberation by the Proletarian Party of Zostrania, or the PPZ, in a 10 year Civil War against a conglomeration of bourgeois, liberal, and fascist forces. The PPZ eventually claimed victory, after several million deaths and widespread destruction of the economy and infrastructure. The PPZ established a new government out of the smoldering ruins of Zostrania, and declared the new People's Republic of Zostrania. A flag was designed to respresent the PRZ; a tri-color flag with a bright sun and red star, to represent Zostrania's bright new future of socialist progress, and an eternal candle within the star to commemorate those that gave their lives in the fight for liberation in the great war. The sacrifice of the people would not be forgotten, and the PPZ vowed to push on forward with socialist development and progress, always marching to eventually reach communism.