Republic of Xiameng
Capital Long Tieng (ㄌㄥㄔㄤ)
Largest city Paterla (ㄅㄚㄊ ㄦ ㄌㄚ)
Official language(s) Xia (Western Dialect)
Recognised regional languages 4 Languages
Official written language T'sia
Ethnic groups

91.51% Xia

Demonym Xia
Government Nominal Marxist–Leninistsingle-party state
- Prime Minister Vienthi Chiau
- Communist Republic of Jiulie November 1 2012
- 2010 census 5.9 million
Currency Nhia
Time zone Xiameng Standard Time


Republic of Xiameng (Xia: ㄘㄞ ㄇㄥ) is a prosperous nation that won their independence from the French Colonialist during the Batchai Revolt of 1921. King Va Tsong Long of Dong Van Province attempted to established a monarchy system, but was ousted after 1975 by the Nationalist at the end of the Vietnam War in Indochina. The Nationalist Party, led by General Va Peo of the National Army, became the Grand Leader of the Republic of Xiameng. It was not until the 2012 election did a Socialist writer, Vienthi Chiau of the "Tianxia Party" won the election and ended the Nationalist Party dictatorship over the country and presided as the Prime Minister until the death of Grand Leader Va Peo the following year. The Politburo and the National People's Assembly then declared the nation as a one party system. The Republic of Xiameng recognizes 4 ethnic groups. The Xia of the mountains, Tai of the lowlands, Viet of the rivers and the Yiao people of the highlands. Currently, the Xia people are the majority, making over 91% of the population, with three regional dialect (Eastern, Central and Western "Long Tieng" as the official standard dialect). However, French had became a common lingua franca among the other ethnics. The official religion is Buddhism and Traditional Folk Religion and a ban on all Western ideas and views.