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Signed::December 2nd, 2012

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We, the undersigned crime fighters, hereby affirm our faith in the fundamental right to fight however we so choose. We affirm the dignity and sovereignty of the fellow signatories. We enter into this Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact to fortify, strengthen, and promote our ties of peace and friendship.

Peace and Security

No X-man shall assault a fellow X-man.


While we all have our own cash it is nice for members to buy some new equipment now and then. It’s not nice to buy equipment for anyone who is looking to have a fight with any of your X-Men, such actions will be frowned upon and will need a sit down.


No X-men will engage in espionage against another. Should any party receive information that indicates a breach of any member's security, they must notify the relevant alliance(s) through secure channels immediately.


A. An attack on one X-men is considered an attack on the entire membership of the bloc and shall be met with many X-men allies. HOWEVER, only the alliance under attack may invoke this Article to request assistance. The alliance under attack also has the right to request assistance from some team members and not others. B. X-men will not be required to participate in crime fighting initiated by another X-men unless approved by the bloc. Approval for offensive crime fighting must be passed unanimously. Voluntary participation in unapproved antics is discretionary. Moreover, this voluntary participation extends to defense, if, in the opinion of the member called upon to assist, this is a counter-assault, defensive, or retaliatory action for unapproved crime fighting. C. Aggressive wars commenced by any X-men against another alliance (defined as having 10 or more active members) must be made known to the other X-men at least 24 hours before commencing.


A. Upon ratification of this treaty, additional X-men may be added upon majority vote of all current X-men. B. X-men may be removed from this treaty upon a vote of majority of the remaining X-men for any reason. C. All membership votes must last a minimum of 72 hours, unless the required number of votes is reached at an earlier time, and be preceded by 48 hours of discussion. D. Any member alliance who undergoes a merger resulting in a greater than 25% increase in members will automatically have their membership status converted to probationary member upon the date the merger agreement is made. A re-vote for continuing membership will immediately commence according to the guidelines laid out in Article VII, Section C.


This treaty may be amended by vote of majority of the X-Man alliances. All amendment votes must last a minimum of 72 hours and be preceded by 48 hours of discussion on the bloc forums before voting may commence.

Other treaties

A. Nothing in this treaty shall restrict any X-men from passing independent treaties with any other alliance. B. All conflicts arising from participation in an outside treaty shall be considered offensive acts and shall require the prescribed voting before bloc action can be required. C. It’s okay to have other friends but your fellow X-Men come first, when they ask you to go out to a fight your attendance is expected.


All X-men will have 1 vote.


If any X-man feels that this treaty has been unjustly violated and diplomatic negotiations have not offered any sort of resolution, they have the right to withdraw from the treaty by the express will of their respective decision making bodies. Notification of withdrawal must be given to the other signatories within forty-eight hours. Should membership in this treaty be revoked by any alliance, a twenty-four hour grace period begins in which no remaining alliance may declare war on the other, after which no such rules apply.

Signed for the Helghast Empire (Beast)

  • Autarch of Helghan - RagnarBuliwyf Aka Tywin
  • Chancellor of Helghan - BabyKong
  • Scholar of Foreign affairs - Jemmm
  • Scholar of Finance - CommunistRed

Signed for the Galts Gulch (Gambit)

  • King - Shogun Travis
  • Prime Minister - Dani Jalacha
  • Secretary of Foreign Affairs - Iblishaitan

Signed for the Empire of the Rose (Nightcrawler)

  • President - Carter0912
  • Minister of Internal Affairs - Dsherratt13
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - Rishabh
  • Minister of Defense - Smoky
  • Minister of Finance - Tokemaster

Signed for The Browncoats (Wolverine)

  • CO - Captain Kaldor Draigo
  • XO - Commender Lance68
  • COB - Chief Warrant Officer Keegoz

Signed for The Browncoats: CO - Captain Kaldor Draigo XO - Commander Lance68 COB - Chief Warrant Officer Keegoz

Aka: Wolverine