Heads of State of RinnahEdit

Jasper Farnsworthy – Central Supremo of the Supreme Parliamentary Tribunal & Prime Minister of Rinnah

Born: 9 July 1916 CE


Jasper Farnsworthy

Education: BS, Nissim University, Parma (1936); Ph.D, Zohar University; Mishal (1945)

Academic Career: Asst. Prof. of Eloi Studies, Haggi College, Parma (1936-1939); Assoc. Prof. of Comparative Cultures, Zohar University, Mishal (1945-1960); Prof. of Eloi Faith and Culture, Zohar University, Mishal (1961-1990)

Non-Academic Activities: Lt. Commander of the Eloi Underground, Genocidal Holocaust War (1939-1944); President of New Dawn Ethics Research Center, Hagel (1991-2001); Research Consultant and Political Analyst of Sparkling Light Print and Electronic Media Corporation, New Hainsworth (2002-2012); Central Supremo SPT (2013-Present)

Creative Works: Author of The Eloite Contribution to Civilization (1945); A History of the Eloites of Antiquity (1956); Faith, Culture, and the Eloi (1962); The Untold Story of the Eloi Underground During the Holocaust (1975); The Eternal Eloi (1984); Why the Eloi Must Have Their Own State (1990); The Eloi Nation (1996); Shall Rinnah Rise Again? (2001); Must the Eloite People Wander Forever? (2006) and Near Horizons. The Imminent Rebirth of Rinnah (2012).

Awards: Medal of Valor (1940); Distinguished Service Cross with Oak Leaf (1941); Shoshone Publisher's Centennial Award (1956); History Maker's Honorable Writer's Award (1984); World Heritage Award (2001) and the World Heritage Lifetime Achievement Award (2012)

Brenda Kickshin -- Left Supremo of the Supreme Parliamentary Tribunal

Born:  19 April 1948


Brenda Kickshin

Education:  BA, Minora Women's College, Selma (1968); MA, Oxford, London (1970); Ph.D., Cambridge, London (1975)

Career:  Vice Chancellor, Minora Women's College (1975-1982); Chancellor, Minora Women's College (1982-1992); President, Stubenville Junior College (1992-1995); Congresswoman, Barkdust Tribal Region, Rinnah Interim Congress (2000-2012); Left Supremo SPT (2013-Present)

Creative Works:  King Arnold -- A Biography of Ancient Rinnah's First Leader (1972); The Fall of the Arnoldic Dynasty in Antiquity (1980); A Case for the Re-Establishment of Rinnah (2001)

Albert Lichtenstein -- Right Supremo of the Supreme Parliamentary TribunalEdit

Born:  1 January 1950

Gary, chio, & bill

Albert Lichtenstein

Education:  BS, Creek State University, Zardoz (1969); Ph.D. Creek State University, Zardoz (1975)

Career:  General Manager, Zardoz Tool & Die Makers (1975-1984); First Vice President, Zardoz Tool and Die Makers (1984-1992); President, Business Consultants International (1992-2002); Chairman, President's Council on Research and Statecraft (2002-2012); Right Supremo SPT (2013-Present)

The Twelve Tribal Leaders of Rinnah and other National Notables:Edit

Jonathan warpaint

Jonathan Warpaint Tribe of Ashwood

Naomi ruth

Naomi Ruth Tribe of Barkdust


Marvin Olivewood Tribe of Echo Valley


Francesca Staghorn Tribe of Falling Rock


Sarah Hindfoot Tribe of Fern Crater


Shmu'el Steelhead Tribe of Hidden Marshes

Woman with upper body tattooed 1907 cph.3a01441

Mary Bodypaint Tribe of Highland Praire

Native-American-Woman large

Berlynda Runnymeade Tribe of Many Waters

Ewell gibons

Ewell Gibons Tribe of Pinecone Desert

Brian runningman

Brian Runningman Tribe of Surf's Up

Bobby flathat

Bobby Flathat Tribe of Timberwolf

Native american woman by lberry1976-d53llmu

Forest Fox Tribe of Winter Mountain


Selma ritter

Selma Ritter Mayor of Rinnah Prime


Fats carlile

Fats Carlile Mayor of Selah