{{Nation infobox |name = Virginia |id = 12785 (the numbers at the end of your nation link) |flag = File name of your flag (e.g. Custom41.png, or Republic of the Congo.png) |flagsize = If smaller than 200px, type the width (numbers ONLY, no px) |flag_type = Flag caption (e.g. National flag) |image_symbol = Image of some other symbol of your nation (e.g. Mynationseal.jpg, etc.) |symbol_type = What type is this (Seal, Coat of arms, etc.) |symbol_width = Width of the image (optional, use for small images to avoid stretching) |motto = "Long Live the Republic" |anthem = Name (optional: link to information on the anthem) |image_map = Image to your nation's map (e.g. USWMap.jpg, etc.) |mapsize = If smaller than 250px, type the width (numbers ONLY, no px) |capital = Richmond |languages = American English |demonym = American |formationdate = 11/20/2013 |formationtime = Time your nation was founded, in 12 or 24 hour format |deleted = If your nation no longer exists, month/day/year (numbers only) of the deletion date or "Yes" if you don't know the date. |government = Republican-Libertarian |totalpop = 5,510,257 |soldiers = 20,000 |density = 103,000 |litrate = 75 |religion = Religious freedom |casualties = 0 |attacking = 0 |defending = 0 |casualtyrank = 0 |currency = Dollar |infra = Classified |tech = Classified |nationstrength = Classified |mode = War, but promotes peace without it. |nuke = Classified |number = Classified