History of the US of America Edit

The US of America was founded on August 26, 2012 after numerous wars and a major economic crisis forced its predecessor into collapse. The Senate of the US of America declared to the people that such issues would not plague the new country, and that the nation would become powerful, both militarily and economically.

On August 26, 2012, the US of America became a member of The Polis.

Government Edit

The US of America is a federal republic and representative democracy. The US Senate declared Mcclaud to be the First President of the US of America. Citizens over the age of 18 years old may vote in any election, state or national, with the exception of voting for another state or nation, unless the citizen possesses dual-nationality.

Economy Edit

The US of America has a rapidly growing economy, with expansion of new cities and land ever increasing. The US of America aims to have an extremely powerful economy, and will also be willing to support allied nations financially.

Cities Edit

  • Atlanta
  • Baltimore
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Columbus
  • New York
  • Philadelphia
  • Pittsburgh
  • Richmond
  • Washington (Capital)

Foreign Policy and Military Edit

President Mcclaud announced on television, along with senators, that the US of America would maintain healthy, friendly relationships with other nations, and would seek peace wherever possible. However, it was also stated that the US of America would not ignore conflicts against allied nations, and will intervene if absolutely necessary. A member of The Polis, the US of America must follow the alliance's charter, and will only ever declare war with The Polis' permission.

The US Department of Defense commands all branches of the US Military, and is also responsible for the defense budgets. The size of the US Military has grown rapidly, and is set to continue on that path. The US Government has stated that during times of war, the US Military will only ever use as much force as absolutely necessary, and will not aim to deliberately destroy another nation. President Mcclaud himself said that he favors diplomacy over warfare, and strongly believes that only using as much force as necessary during war is the right thing to do, and that destroying another nation would only look bad.