The Virginia Republic seceded from the United States in the year 2032 due to the US' government of a growing national debt and endless wars it had been entangled with. The Virginia Republic is a nation founded on Thomas Jefferson beliefs. In other words, it libertarian form of government with the term use of "Republic". The nation of Virginia, believes in individual rights and personal freedom. It's main goal is to create a free market enterprise economic system that benefits the entire country and nation.

Virginia's EnvironmentEdit

Virginia is known for its beautiful landscape. Virginia's mountain range includes the beautiful southern Appalachian mountains, Shenandoah Valley, and Blue Ridge mountains. It is the home of Thomas Jefferson, and many other of the founding fathers as well as the center for the American Revolutionary War, and the Civil War. It is an economically rich nation, with it's farming and known for government installations, as well as it's beautiful cities and the small businesses within them.

Virginia's Economic SystemEdit

When Virginia established it's government, it created a currency called "the dollar". Even thought the US uses the dollar, the Virginia Republic calls theirs a "Republica", which is backed on gold and silver. This idea is adopted from Austrian Economics (capitalism), and also adopted lassiez-faire policies.

Virginia's Stance on WarEdit

Virginia takes no part in wars, even with allies. It is economically bad for the nation, and will bring about debt to the relatively new nation. The only time the Republic will take a stand in war is if the country is engaged by another one, or is dictating and creating trade relation issues with who the Republic may be trading with. Other than that, under no circumstances it's the country going to declare war on any nation, as it constitution prohibits it.