The Slaughter-House AccordsEdit


Article I - Safety FirstEdit

All three signatories agree to solve all issues and disagreements in private. Signatories are prohibited from engaging in warfare or other acts of malice against one another.

Article II - Knife SharpeningEdit

All signatories are obligated to share vital information and intelligence with one another.

Article III - Kill ZoneEdit

f one of the signatories is directly attacked, the other two are obligated to defend them unless the defense comes as a result of a chaining obligation. If one of the signatories is attacking aggressively, the others have the ability to join in too.

Article IV - Wrap UpEdit

Any signatory may withdraw from the Slaughter-House Accords with a notice period of 5 days, during which all the above articles will apply.

Signed for ZombielandEdit

Emperor: Iblishaitan, Regent: Buttnaked

Signed for ROMEEdit

Emperor: Batiatus Senator of War: Redrum Senator of Finance: CommunistRed Senator of Foreign Affairs: Keegoz

Signed for GALT’S GULCHEdit

King: Shogun Travis Prime Minister: Lord Waqor Secretary of Internal Affairs: Alexander Secretary of Commerce: HerpDerp