The Samantha Smith Accords

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Signed::June 9th, 2012

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Recognizing that examples such as Samantha Smith are inherently critical to the process and development of peace worldwide, we affirm to embody our in-game actions after her efforts towards peace and goodwill. Furthermore, we strive to set an example for other organizations and alliances to follow in her footsteps, so that her memory will never perish from this earth.

Article I: Friendship and Comradeship

As good neighbors, and citizens of Pixel Nations it is our common goal to strive for friendship and comradely interaction between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the Allied Nations Treaty Organization. We believe firmly in the process of peace, as well as the diligent defense and maintenance of it worldwide. We hitherto agree that such a policy is fundamental to our relationship and agree in principle that this ideal will become practice through deed.

Article 2: Cooperation and Cultural Exchange

In an effort to increase awareness, cooperation and cultural understanding between our two peoples, the USSR and ANTO agree to exchange "ambassadors". During this exchange, visitors from each alliance agree to frequent the other's forums and IRC channels as they are available. As Samantha visited the USSR, we should seek to follow her example and learn about our neighbors and promote friendship and understanding.

Article 3: Conflict Resolution

Even as Samantha visited her counterparts across the globe during the Cold War, there were a multitude of conflicts between East and West. It is our hope that by learning from her example, any potential conflict or dispute between the USSR and ANTO can be resolved through goodwill, cooperation and mutual understanding. We the undersigned firmly agree to work diligently in the maintenance of this treaty, it's spirit and the relationship our two alliance's share.

Article 4: Cancellation

Should either party desire to cancel this treaty, they must submit 48 hours notice before cancellation.


The All-Union People's Soviet for The USSR

Milograd for ANTO