"All are welcome."


Created by Lord Neo (Noble Neo is the name for the account on this wiki),  The Republic was established so that all member nations could help and support eachother in peaace and war

All are welcome to apply.


  1. No declaring war on any nation belonging to another alliance.
  2. All members must help and support eachother during all times.
  3. All members must advertise this alliance to others.
  4. War may not be used unless the war is approved by the founder: Lord Neo of Neo Romana, or unless this war was initiated by a non-member.
  5. Any member may be removed if rules 1, 2, or 4 are voilated and a complaint is sent to Neo by a minimum of of three members.
at week 0 eligable for Membership
at week 3 eligable for agent status with 3 members supporting the promotion (all agents are approved by Lord Neo)
Nomination during the first saturday of every month every member sends Lord Neo a vote on who they want on the council (all are eligable)

only 12 members can be elected (in case off a tie, Lord Neo will select the winner)

council the 12 members debate on issues that would be voted on by them then sent to Lord Neo for approval.  If Lord Neo rejects the measure, then the council can still inact it with a 8/12 vote.
agents agents carry out the council's decisions, after it is approved, provided that the decision followed the above section's requirements.  agents also are responsible for recruiting members and protecting all member's countries.