The Reich, High Command

The Reich is a RP group, Set in a fictiscious world, with a technology level of about 1960.

Early BegginingsEdit

We started as a group of friends who stumble upon this and began building our natins. One of us ruined his country not knowing how to play. The rest of us just managed to stay afloat.

The Day WarEdit

Battleship Bismarck Firing A Salvo

Kumffvagon's "Kumffvipen" fires at the first battle in the Days War.

Kumffvagon was then Attacked by Zevrock, who attacked for the reason "Being a whore" The alliance.

The nations engaged for the Riech, Kumffvagon, Karl Johan, Franco, Florian.

Nations on the other side, Zevrock, Bargo.

The first battle was between Zevrocks Navy and Kumffvagons, The battleships closed to range and the flag ship in Kumffvagon's fleet, "The Kumffvipen" fired the first volly, the fleet fight was short and brutal ending with zevrock retreating.

W03 10721018

Reich tanks and armored carries after one of the many battles of the Day War.

One of the greater battles of the war, and the last battle, was between Zevrock's army defending against Franco's Army, Franco started the battle by sending a few snipers foward who began sniping the enamy artilary gunners, then his tanks rushed foward firing into the massed infantry, but Zevrocks anti-tank guns took their toll on Franco's tanks. Yet Franco's infantry moved up at the double quick and pushed Zevrock's army back into the city of Berlin, and Franco began bombarding the city, untill the army surrendered.