The House Accords

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Signed::20 January 2013

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ROME and Galt’s Gulch, in recognition of their friendship, enter this agreement to formalize the brotherly love that exists between them.

Article I- Sovereignty

They both choose their own !@#$. In more formal terms, they are both independent.

Article II- Camaraderie

The two alliances promise to keep their brotherly love as strong as ever.

Article III- Espionage

Both alliances agree to not peek on each other’s private affairs.

Article IV- Military and Financial Assistance

The signatories reserve the right to ask each other to help annihilate those who hurt us

Article V- Amendments

Complete agreement must take place before this treaty is activated.

Article 5: Cancellation

The signatories like each other now, but if something changes down the road, this treaty can be canceled. All that’s required is 48 hours notice. If one of the signatories are at war, there’s not going to be any cancellation till that war’s resolved.

Signed for GG,

  • Shogun Travis, King
  • Dani Jalacha, Prime Minister
  • Delgado, Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Signed for ROME,

  • Batiatus, Emperor
  • Keegoz, Legatus of Foreign Affairs