The Empire Accords

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Signed::September 29th, 2012

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The Empire Accords

Preamble: My people sons and daughters of Helghan we gather here today to bring two great empires together in unity I present you the “Empire Accords”

Sovereignty: Both Empires agree that they are fully in control of their own actions and that they are completely sovereign.

Intel: If either empire comes across intel that could be beneficial to the other empire they hereby agree to share that willingly and wholeheartedly.

Protection: The Empire of the Rose hereby protects The Helghast Empire.

War: The Helghast Empire agrees not to actively engage any alliances in war and only to defend itself, The Empire of the Rose agrees to help the helghast empire and to seek help from the Helghast Empire if either empire comes under attack.

We also agree that this treaty shall have a non chaining clause that if either side shall go to war in defence of allies this treaty would not be activated.

Economic: Both Empires agree to open their borders to trade with each other. Also if one side requests economic help the other will help.

Cancellation: If either empire wishes to cancel this treaty there must be a 48 hour period before hand and full notice given to the world of Pixel nations.

Signed for the Helghast Empire
Emperor RagnarBuliwyf
Empress Meiyo
Scholar of Foreign affairs jemmm

Signed for the Empire of the Rose
President: Carter0912
Minister of Internal Affairs: Dsherratt13
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Shamz
Minister of Defense: Smoky
Minister of Finance: Tokemaster