The Citadel Doctrine
La Citadelle
Doctrine Information
Type Publicly-enforced Doctrine
Date Adopted 12th November 2013
Main points 1. Ally Defense

2. No Surrender

3. Punishment for Spies

The Citadel Doctrine is a group of 3 Genesis-enforced public laws that was introduced on the 12th of November by Rayan Thomas, the leader of Genesis and approved by the membership a day later.

The Citadel DoctrineEdit

The Citadel Doctrine is a series of Publicly enforced laws encompassing and pertaining to- 

  1. A The protection of Genesis, it's allies and protectorates
  2. B The way Genesis reacts to and performs in combat
  3. C The way Genesis deals with Spies and Foreign Entities offending it's sovereignty

Section AlphaEdit

Alpha section of the Citadel Doctrine defines the key terms as the following-   

  • Allies- Foreign Alliances recognized by Genesis that hold a direct, active treaty with Genesis
  • Protection- The act of Guarding and Defending
  • Protectorates- A Foreign Alliance that has signed a specified treaty in which Genesis protects the smaller party.

Section Alpha 1Edit

Genesis and it's members pledge to guard and defend themselves and their allies to the last member. Genesis will provide absolute support for it's allies.

Section Alpha 2Edit

Should 2 or more allies of Genesis fall into opposing sides of conflict, Genesis will abstain from attacking either alliance and will maintain neutrality as long as possible.   

Section Beta Edit

Beta section of the Citadel Doctrine defines the key terms as the following-  

  • Combat- Armed or Sub-surface conflict
  • Reacts- To act in response to
  • Surrender- Stop resisting to an enemy or opponent and submit to their authority

Section Beta 1Edit

Genesis will never surrender to any foreign party, will not disband due to any foreign party and will not accept foreign intervention in Genesis' Internal Affairs.   

Section Gamma Edit

Gamma section of the Citadel Doctrine defines the key terms as the following-  

  • Fair Game- A person or thing that is considered a reasonable target for criticism, exploitation, or attack

Foreign Party- An alliance or group of people that are not part of Genesis

  • Spy- A person employed by a government or other organization to secretly obtain information on an enemy or competitor

Section Gamma 1 Edit

Genesis, in order to retain it's full control over it's matters and affairs, will hold all Foreign Parties, Diplomats and Spies who abuse and seek to undermine Genesis as being fair game.