The Baron ImperiumEdit

Formed When High Aristocrat Baron Septim Arose to the Golden Throne. He Declared the Begging of an Empire that would last for Thousands of Years. Maintaining a Population of around 2,700,000 and is the Center of the Aristocratic Faith Both Reformed and Non.


The Empire is Divided into Two Imperial States and multiple territrories the first being the Capitol Province of Victoriahiem and the State of Blackrun. Their Capitols are Victoria City and Ottoburg

Vic Broad st -701596

Ottoburg Capital of the Province of Blackrun

Baron Septim IEdit

The Founder of the Imperium was Baron Septim. As the Story says in every class,Religious Text and Historical record. Baron Septim Lead the First Ten Thousand from the Lands of Mist and Darkness to the Promised land in what is now known as Victoria City and was very Fond of Muskrats. Founding the First Imperial City he lead the Armies of the Imperium to conqure the Surrounding lands. Baron Septim is also known for creation of the Thirteen Laws, Core to Imperial Legal Thinking. He is also known for Founding the University of Victoriaheim the Greatest Center of Science and Learning in the Imperium and the Northern N/A.

Military CampaignsEdit


Baron Septim Leading the Imperial Guard over the Al'Shamir River.