Technology Melder or the Supply Melding Station permits nations of 100 power or more to meld Research and Food Supplies with a sum of money to make up to 100 technology a day.

Supply CostsEdit

For each unit of technology the melding process requires 60 Food Supplies and 40 Research Supplies.

So, for a full 100 technology, you would be required to have 6000 Food Supplies and 4000 Research Supplies.

Required Resources Everyday for MeldingEdit

In order to meld everyday, you will need to produce the following amounts of supplies every hour.

Food: 250/hour

Research: ~167/hour (166.67)

Monetary CostsEdit

As well, there are monetary costs, the melding technology much like refining technology.

The total cost for melding is equal to two thousand times a nation's power. or (Nation's Power * 2) * 1000.

So a nation with the strength of 102.58 would be required to pay $205,160 per unit, or for 100 units of technology a total sum of $20,516,000.