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The signatories, in recognizing each others individual achievements and abilities, and sharing with each other a mutual respect, on this day declare solidarity between these powers.

Article I – Economic Solidarity

  1. Solidarity means you move as one force in international affairs of economy, and therefore we shall trade internally as a first preference.
  2. Solidarity means that financial woes affect us equal, and therefore we shall help each other financially when we have the resources to do so.
  3. Solidarity means that our financial stability is our brother's and sister's financial stability, and therefore we shall sign no treaty which could directly harm a signee.

Article II – Military Solidarity

  1. Solidarity means that an attack on our brother is an attack on us, and therefore we shall defend each other until the end
  2. Solidarity means that we move as one unit, and therefore if one party decides to attack an alliance for just purposes, the signatory alliance reserve the right to do the same.
  3. Solidarity means that we understand we share information, and therefore we shall have an open dialog in terms of information that is discovered which may cause harm to any signatory.

Article III – Friendship

  1. Solidarity means common friendship, therefore we shall treat each other with the respect of brothers and sisters.
  2. Solidarity means continual evolution, therefore we shall allow anyone that the current signatories decides is of this common mind to be full signatories of the agreement. They shall have all the common privileges that this agreement grants them.
  3. Solidarity means a lack of discrimination towards the weak, therefore we shall grant non-voting, partial protectorate membership to any alliance which is too small to fulfill the full responsibilities of this treaty but shares the common goals of this treaty until the time comes that the current membership believes that they will be able to fulfill the full responsibilities of membership.

Article IV – Disunity

  1. Cancellation of this treaty must be given seven (7) days notice of intent to the other party.
  2. In the event this treaty is canceled without having been violated, each member shall honor a thirty (30) day non-aggression pact between all parties.
  3. In the event that there are more then two signatories in this agreement, a majority of the signatories can remove another signatory by means of a free and fair vote – with each signatory receiving a single vote.


The Foreman's Committee of the International Socialist Syndicate

  • Cory Molotov, Chief Foreman of the International Socialist Syndicate
  • Veggie Burger, Foreman of the Foreign Relations Syndicate
  • god the hater, Foreman of the Industrial Syndicate
  • Jemmm, Foreman of the Worker's Relations Syndicate
  • LordCharlie, Foreman of the Security Syndicate
  • Ahulane, Foreman of the Education Syndicate

The Polis

  • Britishdude, Archon
  • Buzzboygt, Archon Basileus
  • Ptolemy, Archon
  • Yeshua Solomon, Archon

Bloc PowerEdit

At the signing of the treaty, the combine power of the bloc was enough to be the single largest military and economic force in the game.


With the reset of Pixel Nations, the ISS did not return. Since The Polis is the only remaining member of the alliance remaining, this treaty is no longer active.