Sheepy as PlayerEdit

After selling Pixel Nations to Anson, Sheepy proceeded to play Pixel Nations, quickly forming The Flock, an alliance inspired after his own username. Though small at first, The Flock has maintained a constant presence in the top ten alliances since The Great Reset, and even attaining the rank of #1 alliance.

Sheepy as Creator and AdminEdit

The player known as Sheepy is credited with the original creation of Pixel Nations. After growing tired of playing Cyber Nations, he proceeded to create a similar nation simulation game with more depth and functionality. Pixel Nations was created independent of Project Terra, another nation simulation game springing up to rival Cyber Nations. Initially started as a hobby/learning project, Pixel Nations soon became much larger than Sheepy ever expected it would become. He started tiring of moderation issues and bug fixes, and decided to sell the game to Anson for an undisclosed amount of money. Thus ended Sheepy's reign as admin of Pixel Nations.