Quick Facts Edit

Chancellor: R3tribution {보복)

  • Currency: GKR Won (₩) (GKRW)
  • Capital: Seropolis
  • Race: Helghast/Human
  • Demonym: Korean
  • Offical Language: Korean (English Defacto)
  • Drives on the: Left
  • Government: United Korean Constitutional Republic
  • Legislature: United Superstate
  • Time Zones: UTC+8 to UTC+9
  • Internet TLD: .Gk .Mo .Kr

Common information Edit

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The Nation of Seronia (Also known as The Greater Korean Republic) Is an Aggressive Superstate led by R3tribution The Nations Capital is Seropolis (Formerly: P'Yongyang). The Official Languages are; English, and Korean. The People of Seronia loves it's leader; R3tribution. For bringing Prosperity and Freedom for all citizens, and ensuring safety of its people.

R3tribution has brought greatness to the country and The Military is the Nations police force. They patrol the streets, and the laws of Seronia are strict. and usually punished by death

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History Edit

Forming of Seronia

Seronia has formed when North Korea and South Korea united, forming a Superstate called The Greater Korean Republic of Seronia. The Nation slowly grew slowly swallowing other nations. The nation is still growing to this very day.

The Helghast Empire

Seronia has joined Team Aura in November 2nd soon after, a few days later, Team Aura merged into The Helghast Empire, An Alliance controlled by CommunistRed, Seronia is respectful to Helghast, Despite Seronia's Aggressive Military actions


The Cloud Atlas War & Economic Crisis

The Helghast Empire declared war on RPG, Leading to 3 attacks towards The Korean Republic of Seronia. Ragnar stepped down as leader during the war, leading CommunistRed to take over. During the World War, Seronia has suffered extremely high expenses. therefore, Monetary Gain was a major issue with the Country, Nations from The Flock, and FARK has attacked Seronia, Destroying Naval Ships and Infantry, Northern Agoristan led by Thejuliuscaesar. Has destroyed homes and commercial buildings in a naval attack in Seropolis, Causing Seronia to draw peace when the treaty was put out to end the Short World War

The Applecalypse World War & Seronia's Dark Day

Seronia has attacked 3 nations from the Flock and Confederate States due to Babykongs betrayal. However In response to this, 2 nations attempted to invade the GKR (Seronia) in attempt to steal land, and kill civilians. That has failed and Seronia Barely Recovered Windsor Falls lost 5 skyscrapers. and it is still without power as of 12/17 Seropolis was attacked as well, Paratroopers took over the Metropolitan Area. Seronia has retaken both cities. The day of the invasion will be remembered as Seronia's Dark Day.

Reset & Seronia's Two Leaders

On December 31st, After the update, Titus was Sworn in as the Vice-Chancellor of the GKR. People rioted at Seropolis over the Reset, and also to R3tributions oppression. The riot was settled when the Nation agreed to start over, but as a More Aggressive Nation "Its not a act of Violence, it is peace for all citizens for Seronia" - R3tribution

Project Apple Events Edit

GKR-Neucom Inc War

The GKR has declared war on Neucom Inc. with the ambition of the Outcome to join the Greater Korean Republic Coalition. It ended with Neucom Inc. Defending their Independance.

Withdrawal from ROME

The Nation's Chancellor: R3tribution Announced that it broke apart from ROME for the GKR's Aggressive Behavior, insted joins The Confederate States.


R3tribution announced on the Ikeman Show that it's ambitions is to bring alliances together to create peace to all alliances. Despite the GKR being aggressive themselves.



The GKR Invaded a Government Nation from ROME, Batiatus ordered 2 nations to attack Novacastro & R3tribution, Leading to a 2 v 3 war. including Batiatus Himself.

The GKR joins Galts Gulch

Lord Waqor offers the GKR to join Galts Gulch, Chancellor R3tribution accepts the transition and is now a active member of the alliance.

Exodus Republic Invasion

The GKR has invaded Exodus Republic a nation led by Captain Marin due to a blacklist order. Batiatus in response, has ordered all nations to stand down, due to a imminent Counter-attack if failed to comply.

War Belligerents Targeted Outcome
The Cloud Atlas World War Greater Korean Republic, The Helghast Empire Farkistan, The Flock The GKR and the Helghast empire won
The Applecalypse World War Greater Korean Republic, The Helghast Empire The Confederate States The GKR was invaded. GKR managed to fend off TCS forces to declare a win. The game was reseted soon after.
GKR-HE war The Helghast Empire Greater Korean Republic GKR surrendered to Helghast resulting in major damages to the GKR's economy
Roll Marin 2013 war Greater Korean Republic The Exodus Republic The GKR invaded The Exodus Republic resulting in a lift in the blacklist on Captain Marin
Project Zero Tolerance Greater Korean Republic Deeksville The War was pushed back to The City of Seropolis. The War zone is now in Seropolis, SOR
Battle for Seropolis (PZT Continuation) Greater Korean Republic Deeksville Seropolis Defended, Deeksville forces backed out, GKR offered peace to that nation.
"Round 2" Greater Korean Republic, Tremulous, Curry Land, Taios Deeksville Ended with a Expiration
De-powerist War Greater Korean Republic Db Kingia GKR lost. Db Kingia Kept its Independance
The Great War of 2013 Belgium, Soviet Nipples, Curry Land, Pieville, Greater Korean Republic, Wikara, Calgary Magyera GKR forces pulled out the war continues without Korean Forces assisting.
April-Fools Global Free-for-all World War Everyone N/A The Greater Korean Republic attacked 32 nations. Won 12 of them lost most of them.

Roleplay Events Edit


Riots in Seropolis

Seronian Riot Police were dispatched to the capital when Seronian civilians riot over R3tribution's decision to close down 2 major business companies.

Pieville Invasion (Legacy)

Sometime in December, The Seronian Military has Sanctioned supplies to Pieville due to Trade issues. Seronia's military has invaded Pieville and seized stolen supplies. In the short future, R3tribution and Whoopiepie05 will have a conference regarding trade.


A Seronian Embassy will be built in the nation of Revolution in the near future in mid-june when the building will be completed.

A Black Market in Seropolis

A Black Market will soon open to the public next week that will sell Food Supplies to foreign leaders all over Planet Anson, R3tribution will supervise the GKR Black Market.

GKR Borders closed

As of February 20th, 2013 The Greater Korean Republic of Seronia's borders are closed due to a potential war breaking out. R3tribution has released to the public that "It was for Trade Issues"

GKR Borders Reopened

As of March 1st, 2013 the Borders have reopened for Trade since the war is over. All merchants can now enter the nation

Treaties & Wars Edit

Treaty Belligerents Active
Korean Liberation Act Greater Korean Republic No
Deeksville Annexation Act Greater Korean Republic, Deeksville No
Greater Korean Republic Trade Agreement Treaty Greater Korean Republic Yes

DEFCON SystemEdit

Like the United States, Seronia uses a DEFCON system exactly the same

Defense Condition Codename Actions
DEFCON 01 Heavy Rain Maximum readiness
DEFCON 02 Rain GKR Forces ready to deploy in 5 minutes.
DEFCON 03 Breeze Watch in Foreign AA's or Hostile Rogues. Borders Closed
DEFCON 04 Cloudy Moderate Security Measures.
DEFCON 05 Sunny Lowest Readiness

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