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Royal Exodite a.k.a. Optional Defense Optional Aggression Treaty between Exodite and The Royal Society

Article 1: Signatories The alliances participating in this treaty are Exodite and The Royal Society.

Article 2: Optional Defense The signatories can defend each other, even if there is no Declaration of War.

Article 3: Optional Aggression The signatories have the option to join each other and go into war together.

Article 4: Optional Gangbang The signatories reserve the right to ask each other to help annihilate those who hurt us.

Article 5: Cancellation The signatories like each other now, but if something changes down the road, this treaty can be canceled. Four days advance notice is required, and then three days after the four days, an announcement will be made on the Global Forums. At that point, Article 2 remains in effect for a period of seven additional days, for a total of fourteen days. If one of the signatories are at war, there’s not going to be any cancelling till that war’s resolved.

Article 6: Essence The signatories will honor the essence of this treaty and not e-lawyer it. We know what’s meant by it, even if the trolls want to disagree.

Article 7: Signatures

For Exodite; Tribal Council Abwehrchef, Elder of Lore Anson, Chief Elder Evella Vada, Elder of Speakers

Warriors Blackday Chronopolice Engel

For The Royal Society; Ashernichols, Emperor BritishDude, Regent, Elder of Foreign Affairs Ragnar, Elder of War