Rosey Gulch Accords

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Signed::13 January 2013

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Rose is red
Galts Gulch is yellow
We both figured we could use a fellow
We preferred not to become the prey
If we were to both enter the fray
We came came together
Intending for our friendship to last at least forever.
We enter this fraternity
So we may live for an eternity
To interrupt our path
Is to face the inevitable power of our wrath
From Galts there be great power
As well as that of a simple flower

Article I- Mutual Intelligence

Both alliances recognizing that information and communication is key to a stable and secure relationship they will distribute knowledge to one another for mutual benefit.

Article II- Mutual Defense

Both entities understanding that by entering into this unity mutual defense will be given when one or both fall under attack from a foreign adversary.

Article III- Optional Aggression

Sometimes one entity of this unifying force may embark upon an excursion that is seen as an unnecessary march to war by the other, that entity maintains the right to refrain from mutual offensive conflict.

Article IV- Cancellation

If either entity deem this treaty void or violated they may break away with an advance warning to the other entity within 48 hours.

Signed for GG,

  • Shogun Travis, King
  • Dani Jalacha, Prime Minister
  • Delgado, Secretary of Foreign Affairs

Signed for Empire Of The Rose,

  • Carter0912, President
  • Aquinas, Vice President
  • Rishabh, Minister of Foreign Affairs