The Republic of Regialand

The Regalian flag

National Information
President Arthur Regiton
Capital Vincton
Alliance The Pixel Federation
National Language English
Demonym Regalian

The Republic of Regialand is a country founded on May 26, 2013 by the current President Arthur Regiton. It has a population of over 30.9 million and focuses on strengthening its economy.


In 1896, the Regitanian Empire was founded by Emperor Richard I. During Richard I's reign, the Regitanian Empire quickly built cities and strengthened its military. Richard I died in 1917 of tuberculosis, and Richard II, his son, was coronated.

Richard II led the Regitanian Empire with no tolerance for disobedience, and often executed criminals guilty of even small crimes. Much of the population felt that his rule was unfair, and by 1920 were extremely unsatisfied with his rule. In 1922, Richard II ordered the arrest and execution of all of the thousands protesting against him in the capital, Maxburgh. Prince Peter, Richard II's brother, is furious about what is known as the Massacre of 1922, and in 1923 Peter declares himself Emperor of the Regitanian Empire.

The Regitanians divide into two almost equal groups, known as the Loyalists (those supporting Richard II's rule) and the Supporters of Peter (also known as the Supporters). A massive civil war begins, and becomes a nuclear war in 2003 when the Supporters develop the nuclear explosive.

In 2013, the Peter Supporters win what is now referred to as the War of the Emperors. Out of the 10 million citizens that existed in 1923, a little over 500 remain. Prince Peter's grandson, Arthur, founds the United Kingdom of Regialand on May 26, 2013 with himself as its king, and begins reconstruction of the country. The following month, with about 4 million citizens (most of which immigrated from nearby countries), Arthur made Regialand a republic and was elected its first president.