Reavers Logo

Seal of the Reavers
Reavers Motto: You Keep What You Kill
Founder(s) Brehon, Red
Founded June 10, 2013
Emperor Brehon

As of June 16, 2013
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The Reavers are an up and coming alliance in Pixel Nations, dedicated to the bereavement and pillaging of other nations and alliances too weak willed and clothed in whores' finery to strike back.

Known HistoryEdit

Little is known of the history of the Reavers, as not many survive the brutality of their attacks upon the nations of mankind. What is known drifts through the ports and harbors with whispers of misery, destruction, and blood in far away lands from Pixelon. They came, they reaved, they left, and the survivors were left to fight over the scraps. 

Every sensible government has an unsafe travel advisory out to lands claimed by the Reavers and it'd well to heed their advice that if you must travel in their territory, then come very heavily armed.


The Reavers are not completely savage all the time. They maintain lines of communication in certain areas to facilitate "avenues of tribute and sacrifice to stave off your inevitable defeat."