Foundation & developmentsEdit

Founded on November 18th 2013 by Prime Minister Josh N.Marshall. Ralexland has developed from a Agricultural nation to a New Industrial Nation. It's powerful economic and services has grow to overpower agricultural and it's old Socialism based. 


As the successive November Revolution rises, Ralexland has fight the Empire of Chimurua and gain it's independence under General Josh N.Marshall, which elected as Ralexland's first Prime Minister. It's old Socialism and Communist based economic has made this region economy collapsed and people here are living with 2 Ralexland Dollar/ Year. After seeing the failure of October Revolution of the 19 Regions, Ralexland declare independence and fight against the Empire's Revolutionist Coaliation. Fighting along Mercial Johnson, People's Representative of Region Equitoria. Ralexland had success split out of the Empire with Equitoria ( Now is Kappla District, Ralexland ). The Republic system had recovered the damages of war and repaired it collapsed economy, now it's a steady economic based country.


After a fews days of new reign in Ralexland, it's economical icon is under construction, The RaEdit