Pollution is a measurement of the carbon footprint of each city.

Each ton of pollution costs $1.50, but there are ways to lower the amount of pollution of your city and to lower the cost of pollution.

Reducing Pollution Edit

City Services Edit

There are two services, the sanitation plant and subway station, which lower pollution. Both have the same cost-to-benefit ratio of $2,000,000 to 1000 tons. For both services, it takes 55 to turn a profit without Ecology, and 66 days with Ecology. Because of the long turn-around period for profits, it is suggested not to buy these services.

Research Edit

There are three technologies that lower the cost of pollution.

With all three technologies researched, the price of pollution drops to $1.125/ton, a savings of $0.375/ton or 25% the initial price per ton.

Zones Edit

Buying civic zones also decreases the ammount of pollution by 20 tons /zone. Every residential zone adds 100 ton, commercial zones add 60 ton and industrial zones add 140 tons of pollution.