The Platonic Library System is a library system established in the Golden City to store the secret and sacred documents of the Golden City. Under the codes of the city, a Library is required to be established in a city in order for it to reach official governmental status. The system has four library classification: "Governmental and Historical Library", "Sacred Library of the Philosophic Order", "Military and Strategy Library", and "General Library". Each library is constructed in the order given. Each has a list of documents it is required to hold, and restrictions of admittance are placed on the first three libraries. The first three libraries are constructed for less than 10% of the total population, the fourth services the entire population. The first library was constructed in Athens on June 20, 2012 as a Governmental and Historical Library and is called "the Platonic Library".

Governmental and Historical LibraryEdit

Governmental and Historical Libraries are libraries that charter a city. As such, they service the legal and historical nature of the city and provide the key philosophic texts necessary for the society to flourish and ensure the continuation of the philosophic order in that city. In order for the library to be chartered, it must contain the following hand copied manuscripts:

  1. The Constitution of the Golden City
  2. The complete list of treaties entered in by the Golden City
  3. The Holy Bible and other religious texts
  4. The Complete Works of Plato
  5. Historical documents regarding the rule of the Golden City since its establishment in Greece.
  6. A complete military training guide and physical fitness preparedness guide.
  7. The ancient works of Homer, Euclid, and Aristotle
  8. Other associated texts

Sacred Library of the Philosophic OrderEdit

Military and Strategy LibraryEdit

General LibraryEdit