Welcome to the Monarchy of Pandora! On Feb 27, 2013, our amazing leader,MannyAshland, rescued our nation from the clutches of evil. Commanding overwhelming support, he was named His Peacefulness. With such an amazing victory etched on our conscious, we're happy to say that we work tirelessly to ensure our nation's main focus: the strengthening of Wall Street and Main Street, and a strong economy as a whole.

According to the Ashland Times, a large majority of the 29,327,500 mostly Caucasian citizens say that they practice Atheism, under a mostly open, honest, and transparent government. The His Peacefulness was recently heard remarking that as a result of our policies on international trade, the national economy is doing exactly what it is supposed to do. As a result, most people are overwhelmingly happy, and can be found whistling away the day or even dancing in the streets!

After an immeasurably successful (and productive) 136 days in office, we can only wait with bated breath to find out what His Peacefulness MannyAshland will do next. Why not send over a message and find out for yourself?