Overwatch Protectorate Treaty

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Signed::20 November 2012

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The Overwatch Protectorate Treaty brought the Social Democratic Union (SDU) under the protection of Galts Gulch.

Content of the Treaty

Article I: Preamble

In the spirit of promoting growth and furthering friendship, cooperation and comradery, Galt’s Gulch, hereby referred to as GG, and the Social Democratic Union, hereby referred to as SDU, do henceforth agree to all articles and terms below, and recognize that SDU shall be deemed a protectorate of GG until such time that SDU may stand independently as a sovereign alliance.

Article II: Protection

Should SDU require it, GG agrees to give provide military aid for the protection of the SDU. GG agrees to help protect SDU in any defensive war that they may get involved in. Furthermore, the SDU may help GG in any wars, both offensive and defensive in nature, that GG may get itself involved in.

Article III: Advisory and Foreign Affairs

SDU agrees that a designated GG member will receive an advisory position in The SDU so as to help them to grow their alliance effectively. The SDU also accepts that the GG will have a say in matters concerning foreign relations such as war declarations and treaty signings.

Article IV: Security and Communications

The two alliances agree to work for mutual security. If any of the alliances find out information which is potentially harmful to the other, they must disclose it as soon as possible. In a time of war concerning both alliances, GG and SDU agree to work together effectively by coordinating efforts.

Article V: Senate

With the signing of this pact, the members of the SDU shall vote in support of GG’s Senator to become the Speaker of the Senate.

Article VI: Cessation and Cancellation

The terms of this treaty shall automatically come to termination as soon as the SDU reaches a power level of 5000 while having more than 10 members. SDU may terminate this treaty with two weeks notice and GG may terminate this treaty with three weeks notice. GG is not allowed to terminate this treaty while the SDU is in a state of war.

Signed for GG,

  • Shogun Travis, King
  • Dani Jalacha, Prime Minister

Signed for SDU,

  • S.Tait, Founder of the SDU