KoRT Flag

The Imperial flag of Orlais

The Grand Empire of Orlais======

The Empire of Orlais was founded by Emperor Gespard I, in a war with the King of the Realm that exsisted before. The nation has stood for one thousand years, and has gone through many changes of dynasties, and amount of land held. One thing has been a constant however, its size and prominence among nations. Its culture and Religion has spread to become dominant over most of (name). It has created colonies, and freed the kingdom of Nevarra as a dominion, part of a commonwhealth of nations. Its Emperor has de-jure control over these nations, but de-facto they are largely autonomous, and free of Orlesian clout. Its a nation of mostly lower class workers, and a middle class religious caste. The highest tiers of Orlesian society are its nobles, and high Chantry officals. The Chantry is the head of the religion of Andrastism, a reigion founded in the early part of the Empires history. 



Example of traditional Orlesian Architecture

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