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New Galactic Order is a young and growing alliance. We seek new members and gov candidates now. Current government is Sith (The Brit, it even ryhmes), Nomdeplume (The Moonshiner), and President Tom (The Nut)


We have some lovely forums, check them out today


Our IRC is also very lovely, it is #newgalacticorder , sith (The Brit) has owner, President (The Nut) has sops, Nomdeplume (The Moonshiner) has sops, and flubb also has something. NGO members also get stuff too!

 Members and GovernmentEdit

New Galactic Order has 12 members total  3 of which are government members also. The government is made up of Sith (The Brit), Nomdeplume(The Moonshiner), and President Tom(The Nut).