Neutrality League Edit

The Neutrality League is an association of peacefull countries who believe in mutual trust,friendship and help between nations,in order to establish a world peace for every one to prosper through any means peacefull.The alliance is governed democratically although nation-members don't have to be democracies.The basic idea of the Neutrality League was to show nations all over the world that peacefull nations can live together and pursue same goals.

HISTORY Neutrality League was created 21/9/2012 by the Founder,Crowbar.


Neutrality League is a democratic association(although countries don't have to be democratic).Therefore once a month a Head Chancellor is elected to take control of the affairs of the League.

Head Chancellor The Head Chancellor(in short HC) is responsible to bring laws or proposals to the League Council,and appoint representatives or diplomats when needed.The Head of State.He can run for up to 3 times in a row

Council Every nation-member in the League is a member of the League Council and can vote for Head Chancellor or run for Head Chancellor.Every nation-member can be appointed as representative or diplomat by the Head Chancellor if said nation -member accepts the role.Any law to be enacted requires 51% of the council votes.The Parliament

Regent-Council Chambermaster In the absence of the HC the Regent takes charge immediately.The Regent is appointed by the HC.When the HC is not absent,Regent's responsibilties are to make sure every nation-member follows the "accord" and votes the propositions-laws.Acts like Vice President and Head of Parliament

Represenatives-diplomats-commisars Appointed by the HC,can't be Regents at the same time,the HC is not obliged to appoint all or any of them,and they mostly deal with foreign affairs(exempt from commisars who inspect nation-members of the league,to see if they follow the Charter and the Accord)

Charter Edit

Article I. The Head Chancellor is the elected leader of the alliance,as stated in the "GOVERNMENT" section of this document. Every member of the alliance is allowed to vote for the proposals made by the HC or in his absence the Regent.Every nation-member is allowed to run for HC.The elections are every month.Everything else is covered by the "GOVERNMENT" section of this document.

Article II. Admissions In order to be part of the "Neutrality League" you must agree to the "neutrality accord" as stated here: 1:You have to be in Peace mode to enter. 2.You have to be active at least twice a week 3.You should get the time to vote on proposals 4.No profanity against other players(obviously) 5.Be ready to help other nation-members 6.Should inform the HC or the appointed comissar of the League that they wish to enter the alliance

Article III. Amendments Amendments to this charter may be voted upon by the Council as proposed by a nation-member,the current HC or Regent.In a case of charter amendement all recruitment closes until the new charter is complete,and the votes needed to change the charter are 51% of the nation-members.All nation-members must vote for or against the changes proposed,as it is compulsory.