Tax Rate Edit

Should be at 17%, 19%, or 21%, depending on national happiness. Only lower tax rate if national happiness decreases.

Cities Edit

Zones Edit

  • Residential - Increases population in city: +10.000 pop +100 ton pollution
  • Commercial - Decreases Unemployment:+2400 pop -0.5%employment +60 ton pollution
  • Industrial - Decreases Unemployment and increases pollution:+2600 pop -0.7%employment +140 tons
  • Civic - Decreases crime rate:+4000 pop -1% crime rate* -20 tons pollution

Additional Cities Edit

Additional cities should be bought when it is cheaper to buy another city than it would be to buy the amount of zones that would be the equivalent to buying another city. However, it should be noted that all cities other than the capital can be destroyed in nuclear warfare. Investing in additional cities should be weighed carefully against investing in the capital city.

Tips About City Growth Edit

  • Buy residential zones until unemployment starts going up. Once it does, invest in commercial zones until unemployment is at 2.4%, then resume buying residential zones
  • Industrial zones seem to actually make your nation bring in less money. My theory on this is because of the pollution they exert. Once you research recycling and ecology, this may change, but I'm unsure. At the time though, I wouldn't advise buying them unless it became cheaper than the cost of buying commercial zones versus that of buying industrial zones + pollution
  • I wouldn't advise buying civic zones until the crime rate begins to increase.
  • Due to an -8% happiness penalty, it also advised to keep your population density under 350.

Marvels Edit

I wouldn't suggest beginning buying Marvels until you have a taxable population of 15,000,000 or greater for reasons that I will explain when I edit this guide in the next update.

Order to Construct Edit

  1. Coin Mint
  2. Capital Building
  3. Stock Exchange
  4. Military Headquarters
  5. National Armory
  6. Nuclear Waste Disposal

More to Come Soon! Edit