Misbehaving Helghans

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Signed::September 29th, 2012

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Misbehaving Helghans

a.k.a. Mutual Defense Optional Aggression Treaty between The Helghast Empire --- The Browncoats

Preamble In recognition of a growing friendship between our two alliances and a shared affinity for Freedom and Shinies, we have come together in this agreement. While both Alliances will remain sovereign and independent they will endeavour to work closely with each other.

Article I- Awesomeness We both agree that each other is awesome, and as such also agree that each other acts completely by itself without outside interference.

Article II- Drunken Friendship Both alliances agree to just drink, and not to attack each other plus occasionally send money each others way’s to buy the booze, and if it comes that both need to team up to beat up the bar bully then they will help each other.

Each recognizes that, while the other may enjoy a good fight, occasionally a request for assistance may be forthcoming. In that event, they promise to assist, and not simply laugh.

Article III- Beating on the good guy’s Both agree that while they get drunk together, they won’t attack each other as this could result in wasted beer.

Article IV- Spying Both alliances agree that it is bad to spy on the other or any alliance and that doing such is bad.very bad and means 5 days of drinking mudders milk.

Article V- Helping out old friends If either alliance request monetarily or soldier or anything aid like that the other may help out. � Article VII- Sudden but inevitable betrayal If either alliance wishes to declare the treaty void they must give 48 hours drinking notice so they can party together that final time.

Signed for the Helghast Empire
Emperor RagnarBuliwyf
Scholar of Foreign affairs jemmm

Signed for the Browncoats

Commander Lance68