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Pixel Nations is a free-to-play online multiplayer nation simulator that started in February 2012. Rulers chart their own destinies through a variety of game and inter-personal mechanics such as building and developing their nations’ cities, acquiring new research advancements, driving armies into other nations, and developing national and international marvels that will stand the test of time.

When you first sign up for your nation, you are presented with a form to complete. The choices you make here will form the bedrock of your nation. Choosing your identity here in this world is vitally important. Your name and that of your nation can set the tone for your entire existence. Nation and Ruler names are hard to be changed, and can only be done so by donation. All other aspects that you choose on your nation registration can be customized and changed at a later time.

After joining the game and verifying your email you are now a ruler in Planet Anson. You join the game with your capital city, $20 million in your nation’s treasury, and 1000 soldiers at your command. Do you build up a military superpower? An economic powerhouse? Or a quaint neutral reserve? The possibilities are endless. The future, up to you.

Nation Building SimulatorEdit

In Pixel Nations your primary task is managing your nation and its citizens. Factors like Crime, Unemployment, Literacy, and Happiness are key indicators as to how well your nation is doing. Nations start out with a Capital City that they must manage and take care of, and as their nation grows can build additional cities. Cities bring in more population to your nation, which in turn results in more income taxes. Aside from Cities, players can build great Marvels, which are feats of engineering or great structures that benefit their nation. Additionally, players can research items that also benefit their nation. There are endless possibilities in this game!

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The Game Update Log, formerly known as the Changelog, is now available in-game using the left hand navigation.