The nation of Mahaj has been deleted .

The Maharaj of Mahaj Edit

Created on the date of May the 16th, 2012, the Maharaj of Mahaj is a prosperous nation, consistently in the top 10 for most powerful. Mahaj tends to be economically centered, with a free market, and the citizens pay a tax rate of 21%. Happiness is important, and the various basic rights of the people, such as free speech, freedom of worship, and freedom of assembly, are protected. The leader of Mahaj is also known as The Maharaj, and the government meets in the capital of Mahar.

History of Mahaj Edit

For most of history, Mahaj was a nation of indigenous people, known as the Maahugj tribe. This tribe lived relatively undisturbed for years and centuries, not being truly disturbed until 1900 rolled around. From there, however, the influx of immigrants to this vast and undisturbed land made development speed up, making Mahaj one of the premier nations in the world. The capital city of Mahar was the first city built, followed up by the city of Manjanahar. To date Mahaj has 12 cities, named Mahar, Manjanahar, Indreco, Jaipour, Enkhu, Martin, Carta, AmazingLand, AmazingLand, Arikrine, NationStates, and Dormanu. Information about each of these cities can be found on this page later. The earliest of these cities was made in 1900 (Mahar) and the latest was constructed in 2007 (Dormanu). Rapid industrialization has continued, and the population has reached the plateau of 20 million and is still climbing.

The government was a tribal council for a while, but around 1904 elections were held for a leadership or president position, while the tribal council was maintained. This pattern of government continued for a while until the movement of 1926, when young adults wanting democracy overthrew the council and installed a new government system, with an elected legislature and no elected president. However, corruption ensued, and in 1928 a military general took over in the event known as The October Coup. While he stifled democratic ideals, he pursued rapid industrialization, which wound up benefiting the country. Eventually, with the passing of the leader in 1963, after much bickering, a new constitution and government was had. This system had an elected legislature with two houses, an elected Maharaj, and a Court system. This system continues to this day, and more information about it can be found later.

Alliance History Edit

Mahaj, after creation, was the founder of the alliance known as The Black Knights. This lasted for a few hours, and later that day The Black Knights merged with another alliance, named ANTO. Mahaj was named as one of the four Founders, and after Milograd left the alliance, due to an activity void Mahaj took charge, and along with other active members has helped to start elections. From the beginning, Mahaj recruited tremendously for ANTO, helping bring in many active members who have helped the alliance.