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A League of ProtectoratesEdit

Article IEdit

The Polis and The League of Nations recognize that each party is a sovereign body.

Article IIEdit

The Polis and The League of Nations agree to refrain from any action that may cause harm to the other party.

Article IIIEdit

In case of an attack or threat of an attack on The League of Nations, The Polis agree to provide protection through diplomatic, economic or military means.

Article IVEdit

The League of Nations agrees not to enter into any aggressive military action without consulting The Polis beforehand.

Article VEdit

In case of a threat against The Polis, The League of Nations may be asked to provide economic, diplomatic or military assistance. Assistance is encouraged but not required.

Article VIEdit

The League of Nations agrees not to enter into any other diplomatic agreement without the prior consent of The Polis.

Article VIIEdit

This treaty may be cancelled by either party for any reason with 72 hour notice to be provided beforehand.

Signed for The PolisEdit

  • Luna -Archon Basilinna
  • Ptolemy -Archon
  • Yeshua Solomon -Archon

Signed for League of NationsEdit

  • Prins -Council
  • Feranal -Council