Kingborough is a nation in the mid-range of sizes, ruled by the benevolent and absolute monarch His Royal Ducal Highness Iosac, the Archduke of Kingborough. A primarily war making nation, it has a history of conquest and well .... war. It appeared from the heavens sometime in August 2012, magically knocking other nations out of the war to occupy a piece on land floating in the middle of the ether, six million miles off the coast of some random blue and green planet. Mostly its inhabitants are leprechauns and brownies, who spend all night having wild parties before spending the morning conquering humans and the afternoon sleeping the parties off.


War on FederalandiaEdit

As its first act once sovereign status was gained, Kingborough declared a righteous war on Federalandia just for being next door. The citizens rallied around the flag, and within days the armies of Kingborough had swelled from 10,000 to over 100,000.

Using this new manpowered, Kingborough successfully beat Federalandia down - while the first six conflicts were lost, it went on to win numerous battles on the land and sea. At total the war lasted just around a week, and the Republic of Federalandia fell to their hand. Eventually the war was surrendered by the enemy and Kingborough walked away bruised but triumphant.

Serious stuffEdit

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE ARCHDUKE: Please find below the stuff we really do not care about but which apparently humans like.

At 44 days old, the nation of Kingborough is a medium sized country, with a population of 32,398,068 people. The Archduke, Iosac, has pushed the nation forward in a direction favoring economy. The majority of the people in Kingborough are of Leprechaun ethnicity and practice Wiccan. Kingborough has a market economy, and its citizens pay extremely high taxes. The government of Kingborough is very concerned with the happiness of its citizens. They enjoy freedom of speech, along with other fundamental rights.