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 -  Scholar of Foreign Affairs (Helghast Empire)

Keegoz (December 2012-April 2013)

 -  Minister of Foreign Affairs

Keegoz (May 2013-Present)

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Keegoz @ Coldfront

Alliance Statistics

Keegoz first started in The Browncoats August 2012 as a normal member. A few months later when KaldorDraigo took the helm from Sasha, he took the job as Warrant Officer. He continued in this role until PN went into Apple where he resigned from The Browncoats in December 2012 and took the job of Senator of Foreign Affairs in the rebranded alliance of ROME. When the alliance re-branded as The Helghast Empire, Keegoz kept his job under the new title Scholar of Foreign affairs. Keegoz became Triumvir in Helghast before swiftly resigning in April 2013 being uncontent with Helghast. He now currently precides in Empire of the Rose and was promoted to MoFA in May.