This alliance merged with the System 47 to form the Revolutionary Party of Pixelon.

Irish Republican Army (Acronym::IRA)

Motto: "Warriors of Ireland"

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Janurary 12, 2012

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NovaCastro R3

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Power::249.89 (Average: 42)

History Edit

After the disbandment of Zombieland NovaCastro was dissatisfied with the current alliances so he got his friend R3 to join and then the IRA was born.

Charter Edit

                                            Carters awesome

The warriors of Ireland (aka the IRA) are here to stop injustice in the world. Article 1: Admission into the pub All nations are welcome to join the IRA if they are deemed cool enough to enter by the commander Article 2: Structure of the IRA The Commander Leader of the IRA chooses government members and can declare war or acts of terrorism. The Commander serves for life until resignation. 2. Lieutenants (gov members ) The lieutenants are chosen by the Commander and vice commander.

Only members who are considered senior members can be in a commanding(government) position. 3. Commanding positions These are the commanding positions Vice Commander Lieutenant of Internal affairs Lieutenant of Security affairs Lieutenant of Foreign affairs Lieutenant of Financial affairs Article IV: Guerrilla Warfare The Commander is the only person who can declare war/ acts of terrorism. Article V: Beer pacts (aka treaties) The foreign affairs minster is the only person besides the commander or vice commander that can propose a treaty all commanding members must approve of the treaty for it to be passed. Article Vi: Amendments to the code of the warriors( charter) Anyone can ask to amend the charter but only the commander or vice commander can approve it.