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Pre-Inciner-Nation Long before the country of Inciner-Nation was born, there lived a large peaceful country called Cadigotrem on the island of Adukeil. This country was the unparalleled greatest nation the world of Pixelon had ever seen, that is, until the Great War. This war began when Rimidors mother grew power hungry and craved the throne, attacking K-Factors father, Kevlorn, and beginning the Great War. The Great War raged on for many years, stalemating at every battle. Kevlorn, growing tired of the battles, began to lauch his nuclear arsenal. K-Factor swore if Kevlorn launched a nuclear strike, he would kill his father with his own blade. The nukes struck in the heart of Grimrosh Glade, the capital of the north, but the radiation caused all of the people to mutate into avian humanoids. The north came under rule of Rimidor, K-Factors step-brother, and he led the people into the nation of Zimroc. The south, left devastated, fell under the control of K-Factor, where he led the nation, aspiring to become the most powerful nation in Pixelon, hoping to keep peace in all the lands. The brothers K-Factor and Rimidor, swore peace to each other, promising to lift each other up and help each other in all problems. They formed an alliance called the Acknowledged Ballistic Commissionaires, or ABCs for short.

Inciner-Nation Now Shortly after the nuclear war, the step-brothers rose to power. Rimidor took the northern half of Adukeil and K-Factor took the southern half. K-Factor was raised in a militaristic family, so naturally he pushed Inciner-Nation towards military reign and power. K-Factor had his fathers personality, joyful and a man of the people, but volitile and unpredictable.


  • Pyromania(Captial)
  • Leninare
  • Kvatch
  • Premer
  • Prudehoe Bay
  • Ascension
  • Fallout
  • Endor
  • South Union City
  • Markarth
  • Wacheeta
  • Utrillo
  • Yeeshta
  • Avacyn
  • Hammerfell
  • New Sheoth
  • Ubermone