Illian is a nation of Aiel, led from the Eastern Wastelands by Ptolemy, the Car'a'carn. Ptolemy led the Aiel to the new and fertile land of Illian in the world of Pixel Nations. Illian is a generally peaceful nation that does not seek out war but is no stranger to fighting and will fight to the last man to defend it's citizens, land, and honor.


First Steps and Joining The Royal Society Ptolemy first decided to lead the Aiel forces across the Dragon Wall at the request of Britishdude, a good friend from the past. Ptolemy soon decided that it was in the best interest of the Aiel and Illian to join Britishdude in his newly formed alliance, The Royal Society. Unfortunately, The Royal Society soon fell into ruin as the government began making decisions without the consent or knowledge of the members. It was shortly after this that Buzzboygt and Ptolemy decided to lead their nations in a different direction and began the beginning stages of founding The Polis.

Founding The Polis On June 28, 2012, Ptolemy joined The Polis with buzzboygt. Soon after, the official declaration of existance was posted on July 2, 2012 by the newest Archon, KiWi and The Polis began to grow into one of the most powerful alliances in Pixel Nations


Post Reset

  • Peak Rank: #1
  • First Nation to reach 10 power.
  • First Nation to reach 20 power.
  • First Nation to reach 25 power.