Helghan Civil War

Part of The Applecalypse Wars


Date::December 5th, 2012

Casus Belli

Casus Belli::BabyKong was accused of giving secret info to foreign bodies. He was expelled from the alliance. BabyKong then gathered his followers against the main alliance.

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Galts Gulch-Flock War

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Plant vs Zombies


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Helghan Civil War

The war started when the then Chancellor of The Helghast Empire, BabyKong410, was accused of giving secret information to The Flock and Empire Of The Rose. The Autarch of Helghan, Tywin of The Westerlands, found this out after Sheepy, the leader of The Flock, informed him. Tywin striped BabyKong of his in game and forum power and subsequently demoted him to member.

Later that day Anson reset the game 6 hours back, which lead to BabyKong having in game power again. He used this to take $40,000,000,000 from The Helghast Empire bank. Afterwards, BabyKong departed Helghast to form The Confederate States. Tywin, upon finding this out declared war on BabyKong because of the theft. BabyKong returned the money to The Helghast Empire but continued to poach members from The Helghast Empire. Tywin seeing this as an act of war moved to continue his assault against BabyKong

This war raged for several days in which The Helghast Empire came out victor. They demanded the complete disbandment of The Confederate States and for BabyKong to leave Pixel Nations. Numerous players thought this was a morally wrong thing to do but Tywin did not agree and pursued his course of action.