Welcome to the Land of Hardeman! On Nov 13, 2013, our amazing leader, BillMcDonald, rescued our nation from the clutches of evil. Commanding overwhelming support, he was named Leader. With such an amazing victory fresh on our minds, we're happy to say that we work tirelessly to ensure our nation's main focus: the strengthening of Wall Street and Main Street, and a strong economy as a whole.Edit

According to the Quanah Times, a large majority of the 8,550,338 mostly Pixish citizens say that they practice Nationalism, under a mostly open, honest, and transparent government. The Leader was recently heard remarking that as a result of our policies on international trade, the national economy is strong. As a result, most people are overwhelmingly happy, and can be found whistling away the day or even dancing in the streets!Edit

The leader BillMcDonald has worked very hard since he come to power. He is working on restoring liberties to the people of Hardeman. He is also working on making the nation stable economically. Bill McDonald is a libertarian and has worked with several law enforcment agencies before becoming president. Being born and raised in a small town he always looks forward to making sure small towns will be ok, wether on an avergage day or after a disasterours event. President McDonald has made sure since he became president to fire all the corrupted people in government.Edit