Happiness is the overall approval rating of your nation's citizens with their government. Happier citizens end up making more money.

City HappinessEdit

A city's happiness is based on the crime rate, population density, literacy rate, unemployment rate, and services. For every percent there is crime, the happiness level drops 1%. Unemployment works the same way. For every percentage of illiterate citizens (opposite of the literacy rate) the happiness also drops. Services can boost the happiness level.

Population DensityEdit

Density Happiness Modifier
< 50 +1 point
50 - 150 0 points
150 - 200 -2 points
> 200 -5 points
> 350 -8 points
> 500 -25 points
> 750 -50 points
> 1,000 -65 points
> 1,300 -80 points
> 1,600 -90 points
> 10,000 -99 points

Tax RateEdit

See main article: Tax rate
Tax Rate Happiness Penalty
7% -0%
9% -0%
11% -3%
13% -3%
15% -6%
17% -6%
19% -9%
21% -12%
28% -15%

National HappinessEdit

National happiness is an average of the happiness level of all the cities the nation has.

New NationsEdit

Brand new nations are usually excited and celebrating, and as such receive a +10 point happiness boost for the first week of their existence.


Marvels have the ability to affect national happiness but is only evident on the Overview and Budget pages.

Nuclear ChaosEdit

If a nation has been hit by a Nuclear Weapon in the last 72 hours, the nation will be in a state of frenzy, and the happiness level will drop by 30 points.


If a nation has less than a 0.1% ratio of soldiers to population (e.g. a nation has 1,000,000 population and has less than 1,000 soldiers), people will feel unsafe, and nation happiness will drop by 40 points.

Happiness EffectsEdit

Happiness is an important factor in determining the average income of your nation.