Gloopatron is a flourishing but small Nation and a proud member of the Knights of the Round Table alliance. Recently a spy scandal over the nation running the EOTR occured and effected Gloopatrons relations badly, However it has been resolved. Gloopatron has over 19 million citezens at this time and its Capital is the Techno Union although its biggest city is New Gaza. A Huge stadium has just been completed in Techno Union to become the Nations National sports stadium and will host the Tenniv world cup next month.

Taxes are high after a economic slowdown although the country is wealthy but income has slowed after day 15. The country was recently hit by a Tsunami in which 200 people were killed in Kofistan. The Far north of the country is very prone to flooding. The Main cities are Techno Union,New Gaza,Monkland,Abu Khofi and Doha. The country suffers extreme weather conditions and is currently in the Tornado season. Gloopatron is increasing its Military spending and adapting its armed forces into Mechanized response Units. The Current President Sir Monkador has led the nation into glory for over 50 days.

Gloopatrons currency is the plop and its National Animal is the Mole. Food production has just hit record highs and Its population has increased by 3% over the past month. 5 of Gloopatrons 8 provincial capitals have populations over 1,000,000.. The largest city in Gloopatron is New Gaza with a population of over 5,000,000.