GanjaLand, officially the Kingdom of GanjaLand, is a massive country and the 46th largest nation by power in Pixel Nations. Created on 11 July 2012, the nation is ruled by monarch TokeMaster.


Formed on 11 July 2012, GanjaLand started as a small nation in Pixel Nations. It soon became one of the first members of the alliance of Imperium. Post reset, the nation's ruler TokeMaster proclaimed himself as the autocrat of Imperium and led it successfully to great power. The alliance reached a peak of rank 3 in-game early September 2012.

Following his tenure as the alliance's autocrat, TokeMaster and other government members initiated a merger between Imperium and Order of Rose, together forming the Empire Of The Rose on 14 September 2012. Since then, Empire Of The Rose has been the largest allaince of Pixel Nations,and TokeMaster served as the alliance's Minister of Finance.

Note:In Planet apple , Tokemaster now known as Chaos has been elected as Minister of Internal affairs for Empire of the Rose.