2 - New optional Donator image now available for nations who have donated. If you've donated to the game since August 12, 2012 and would like your nation to have the unique donator image, send Anson a forum message.

2 - You can only have up to 10 nukes on hand at a time. You still can't buy nukes while in war.

2 - Nuclear first strike is now an option. When you first declare war, nukes are now able to be used right off the bat.

2 - To deter the Nuke First Strike, in addition to only allowing max 10 on hand at any time, there is also the factor that Nuke upkeep has been changed up a bit. 1 nuke costs $1 mill an hour. If you have more than 1 nuke, they cost $5 mill an hour. If you have 5 or more nukes, cost is now $10m an hour. at 7 nukes, the price goes up to $15m an hour, and at 9 nukes, the price jumps to $20m an hour. Oh and for clarification, that's per nuke.

1 - In Mailbox, messages now include timestamps.

1 - If you view another nation, their military is partially obscured, and you are instead presented with what their military's power equates to, approximately. This will help add an element of unknown to warfare. Also you can now see your own stats including Nukes exactly. With this change, the Power Breakdown pie chart has been removed.

1 - Donating for the WTF has been extended to the month of November

1 - Did you get the Surprise Research for October? I hope so, it was the Bull Market, a donation only item!


31 - For the time being, both Stable and Sandbox will update hourly. That means that wars will last up to the hour after they were declared. We'll see if that works.

31 - Bug Fix: Found a problem with the Cron file, updated it.

31 - Alliance Banks now include memos. This has been a Sandbox feature for some time now, and I am finally bringing it over to Stable. Happy Halloween.

27 - In Sandbox, Nuke throttle is off. That means you can buy and lob missiles at will as long as you have the capacity.

27 - Sandbox was sync'd at 10:28:39 PM PDT (excluding Messages

27 - Known Bug: Found a bug regarding the Anti Missile Missiles. Turns out there is a 100% block rate if you have 0 missiles.

26 - Just launched our Grassroots Recruitment Drive which encourages the players to be an active part of the advertising of the game in their communities.

25 - Bug Fix: Made a few slight adjustments to the way Average Income is calculated thus making it run even more accurate.

25 - Units can now be sold at up to $20 million per unit, up from the previous $10 million.

25 - From now until the end of October, you can donate to have the Weapons Testing Facility build in your nation. That means nukes!

25 - In recognition of the CN alliance Anson belongs to, Guru Order's flag is now added into the game.

25 - FARK's flag has now been added in game

25 - Two custom flags have been added to the game

25 - International's flag has now been re-added in game as part of the change in terms of alliance flags

25 - All messages older than October 5, 2012 have been removed from the server.

24 - Sandbox was completely sync'd from Stable, with the exception of Messages.

24 - Bug Fix: The Inactivity Message and the corresponding Delete blockade is now resolved. That update mechanism is now working properly, so players who aren't around for 50 days will have their nations removed automatically, instead of me having to go in manually to do so. Also, a new simpler and more concise message has been implemented.

24 - Wars used to last 5 days. Now they last a full week (7 days). Be careful that you're waging war for the right reasons, or that you can win.

24 - I've changed the range for declaring war. It used to be up to 25% smaller or as long as they were bigger than you. Now the range is 30% smaller to 130% larger than you are. This will add a bit more strategy to finding targets and declaring wars.

24 - You can now have 5 offensive and 5 defensive wars. This is up from the previous 3 each.

24 - Bug Fix: The Arcology Marvel not being able to be purchased depending on other marvels/researches is now resolved.

24 - The Capital Building Marvel now reduces your Gross Expenses by 5% instead of just lowering your Government Expenses by 3%

24 - You can now have up to 5 libraries in each city, up from the 4 that it used to be.

24 - As a result of the Bug Fix regarding population, literacy and happiness went down in many nations. This caused income to go down as well.

24 - Bug Fix: Population is now running true, including all events, marvels, and researches.

23 - You can now donate to increase your resource production by 50%

23 - We launched our Donation Drive

23 - Donations are now priced better

23 - You can now donate for Research Points

22 - Ansonite is a new extremely rare resource now in-game

22 - PN's first "Live Auctions" were held.

21 - The game has been moved from to simply - please update all bookmarks accordingly.

21 - Bug Fix: It was possible to buy more than 100 industrial zones at a time. This is now no longer the case.

21 - Known Bug: When a city loses zones, population is not updated until the city is visited.

21 - Known Bug: When a nation's power is increased or decreased, it does not show up until the nation is visited.

21 - Known Bug: When an alliance's power changes, it does not show up until the alliance screen is visited.

21 - Bug Fix: When buying improvements/services in cities using text boxes, you were only being charged for one even if you bought the max. For now, I've reverted them to the horrid buy buttons.

21 - So you know, you can send 2000 Research Points instead of 1000 if you have the right marvel.

21 - Bug Fix: Players were incorrectly being sent inactivity messages, while the root cause is not yet sorted out, messages will no longer be sent, and players will not be deleted for "inactivity".

21 - Bug Fix: Sandbox wars and events were not properly resetting, they are now.

19 - Sandbox was fully updated to reflect all of the current mechanics of the game. All Stable nations were then duplicated into Sandbox to allow for easy testing.

16 - Military page is now updated to accurately reflect upkeep costs per unit.

16 - You can have 1 carrier per 10 battleships.

16 - Bug Fix: Fortune 500 marvel bug is now fixed

16 - Bug Fix: Minor problem with BM's are now fixed

16 - Anti-Missile Missiles are now capable of blocking Ballistic Missiles and Nukes! Buy them today!

16 - Bug Fix: Players couldn't purchase the Fortune 500 Marvel.. very sad.

15 - Referral bonus raised from $10 million to $25 million, referral point raised from 5 power to 15 power to reflect the new power formula.

15 - Alliance founders can now modify other founders in their alliance (i.e. move them from Founder to Agent, Member, Applicant)

15 - City improvements can now be bought via text boxes

15 - Missile page now made to one page for both Nukes and BM's

15 - New Nation ranking page lists casualties

15 - The Helghast Empire's flag has now been added in game

15 - 50,000 research points went up for Auction. Interested?

15 - All events now include dates with which they began

15 - Research items were alphabetized within their breakdown sections

15 - A city has just gone up for auction by the admin. Interested?

15 - Nations names can now contain up to 32 characters, up from its previous 18.

15 - Cities can now be named 3 characters. Previously, the minimum city name was 5 characters.

15 - Bug Fix: There was a minor problem with the database that prevented proper connection. It's fixed now.

15 - Bug Fix: There were a few misspellings in the code that prevented a few benefits from being properly applied. that's fixed now

15 - Link to this page entitled Changelog added to navigation in-game

15 - A new power formula was implemented

15 - A Surprise Research was put into the game, it costs 150,000 research points and can't be "opened" until November

14 - Added Fortune 500 Company Marvel

14 - Added Center for Disease Control Marvel

14 - Added Nanotechnology Research

14 - Added Nano medicine Research

14 - Navigation on homepage adjusted slightly, external links moved to bottom of navigation bar

14 - It was announced that Spies are being added to the game, ETA within a few days

14 - Bug Fix: Problem with the alliance mass messenger not working

14 - Bug Fix: Problem with SAM Batteries not costing what they were supposed to

14 - Bug Fix: Problem with buying zones, calculator not properly functioning to show price

14 - Bug Fix: Problem with some researches not properly displaying that they were in fact researched

14 - Bug Fix: Minor spelling error on the Budget page

14 - Bug Fix: War system properly applied to Sandbox

13 - Forum Bug Fix: The IRC linked on the forums was not properly functioning, swapped out.

13 - Power calculation changed to just based on population

12 - Events now last 15 days

7 - New researches are now on Sandbox

6 - Updated shipments to include Research points

6 - Bug Fix: Online Banking II research had textual errors

6 - Bug Fix: Improved Irrigation was not research-able due a misspelled variable

6 - Added more research Online Banking II - adds +1 aid slot (for a total of 4)

6 - Added Improved Irrigation - reduces pollution costs down to $1.00

6 - Added Advanced Research - increases hourly research output 15%

5 - Host the Admin on IRC program announced

5 - Updated referral bonus from 2 million to 10 million

4 - Bug Fix: Wars were not resetting

4 - Bug Fix: Shipments were not resetting

4 - Bug Fix: Events were not properly disappearing when they expired

3 - Bug Fix: Password reset was not working

3 - Bug Fix: The wrong file was uploaded to the server making the game unaccessable


30 - Added Sandbox server for testing

30 - Game has been switched to a new server and the DNS may not have propagated fully to all computers.

28 - SAM Batteries now cost $4000 and you need 10 fighter jets per SAM Battery

28 - Nation names changeable for donation

28 - Ruler names changeable for donation

26 - Updated Nukes and BM's, Nukes can now be fired off in succession instead of being turn based.

26 - Nukes can now be bought while at war

26 - Ballistic Missiles can now be fired at capital cities.

25 - Bug Fix: Alliance Mass Messenger was not working, and was instead sending a predefined game-wide message

25 - Alliance Mass Messenger is now in the game

24 - Bug Fix: Problem with applicants not showing up on the list for Founders now fixed

23 - Basic BBCode can now be used in sending messages in-game

22 - Special Character problem once again makes a return, renamed the ruler to remove the special character

22 - Bug Fix: There was a big mess with copper causing the rest of the resources in shipments to not work. Turns out it was a variable mix-up

20 - Bug Fix: Create alliance button was not working

19 - Zone limit was added back in (didn't realize it was out in the first place)

15 - Stickied Topics & Resource Change added to donation [1].

15 - A back-up has been placed back after a important table in the database was removed instead of a column.

15 - Donate for in-game city resource change

15 - Amount of time until money generation freezes has been changed from seventy two hours to two hundred and forty hours [2].

14 - New Applicant level added to alliances

10 - Flag contest winner chosen by the community, confirmed in game

06 - Line breaks added to messages [3]


28 - Bug Fix: Resources were not properly being factored into zone purchases

26 - Buying in-game money re-added as a donation option [4]

26 - Bug Fix: Search wars were not properly searching

20 - Bug Fix: Characters showing up with apostrophes now fixed

19 - Private in-game flag buying added [5]

15 - Bug Fix: Some resources were not applying their proper reduction in various costs

13 - Option to buy a in-game flags added to the donation options [6]

12 - Game sold to Anson [7]


21 - Global market added, guide added to sidebar [8]

20 - Update to sidebar, improved security, resource bugs fixed [9]

19 - Resources added [10]

18 - Updated Naval Battles [11]

17 - Update To The Gifting System [12]

16 - Game rollback after exploits [13]

04 - Update to incomes [14]

03 - Peace mode update and events fix [15]

02 - Power formula updated [16]

02 - Air Battle Update [17]


29 - Peace mode updated [18]