Galts Gulch-Flock War

Part of The Applecalypse Wars


Date::December 3rd, 2012

Casus Belli

Casus Belli::Galts Gulch answered Anson's call for war by declaring war on the Flock.

Preceded By

The First Crusade on Baa-ism

Followed By

The Helghan Civil War


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The Galts Gulch Flock War was began on 3rd December, 2012, after Lord Waqor (Prime Minister of Galts Gulch) declared war on the Flock in response to Anson's call for a global war.


Early December, Anson announced Project Apple. As part of his announcement, he called for alliances to wage war and report any bugs they could find. After that announcement, he contacted Lord Waqor personally and asked him to start the biggest war possible in order to quicked the finding and reporting of bugs in the war system. Lord Waqor discussed the issue with the King of Galts Gulch, Shogun Travis. During this discussion, a plan was set up on how to begin the biggest war possible and the Flock were chosen as targets. At around the same time, the Anarchist Communist Intiative declared war on the Stonecutters as their own response to Anson's call for war. Lord Waqor then contacted Mutant (second in command of ACI) and told him that if ACI attacked the Flock, Galts Gulch would attack the Stonecutters. Th deal was set up and Mutant almost immediately announced ACI's crusade against Baa-ism (the troll religion of the Flock). With ACI already damaging the Flock, Galts Gulch began to amass its military in preperation for war.


Galts Gulch officially declared war on the Flock and the Stonecutters on December 3rd, 2012. Fighting was slow to begin but eventually all nations were in a state of war.


In the initial stages of the war, only ACI was losing Power but eventually the Stonecutters began taking damage. Just as Galts Gulch began to lose Power, Operation SpearPoint was initiated by the GG government. All alliance funds began to be focused on the top 5 nations of the alliance. This operation was successful and the Flock began to be damaged by the war. After a few days, ACI disintegerated and its members either left or went inactive. Stonecutters also pulled out of the war and accepted White Peace with Galts Gulch. In the high point of the war, each warfaring Galts Gulch nation was battling around 5 different Flock nations. Despite being outnumbered, Galts Gulch managed to maintain its Power level and deal damage to the Flock. The war dragged on for over 10 days until, out of both boredom and frustration, White Peace was secretly declared between the two alliances.

Peace TalksEdit

There were two peace talks during the course of the war. The first one was unsuccessful after the Flock demanded reparations from Galts Gulch. The second one was more successful and White PEace was finaly accepted.