This alliance has disbanded.


Motto: For Your Added Displeasur

General Information
 -  Founded

07 July 2012

 -  Founders

Shepard, WOYMN

Alliance Statistics
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 -  Power

Power::106.56 (Average: 8)

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GONS Tech is the reformation of the alliance Sasha Grey.


§1 The AllianceEdit

GONS TECH is a Pixelnations alliance founded to represent its member nations' interests economically, politically, culturally and to ensure their security and the GONS way of life.

§2 AdmissionEdit

GONS TECH accepts nations into its ranks upon decision of the official GONS TECH government. Every nation interested in joining is welcome to submitt an application.

§3 GovernmentEdit

Official GONS TECH government are such members of the alliance that are appointed to a government position by the alliance founder (currently Shepherd). An updated list of government officials can be seen in a public area of the alliance forums (once those are established, until then, Shepherd and WOMYN are the only government officials).

The founder serves for life or until he steps down. Government officials can only be appointed and released by the founder. The founder has supreme and ultimate authority over all matters of the alliance and its members. There are no elections and no votes.

§4 Foreign AffairsEdit

GONS TECH is open to exchange and cooperate with the world. Insofar we invite other alliances to contact us with proposals of treaties or common ventures.

§5 Inter-Alliance ConflictsEdit

In the unlikely event of necessity, wars against other alliances can only be declared and ended by the founder. GONS TECH will favor peaceful solutions to conflicts over warfare if possible.