Common information Edit

Furrynesia Nation Link Nation of Furrynesia is a Home for Furries, led by Hopesa Corgiusky, it have been reach it's status as one of big nation in Planet Anson. Capital of Furrynesia is Furakarta, an old city (Jakarta) where the rebellion begin and spread around the world. it's goal is to provide Furries Kind to a better home and place to stay.

The History of Furrynesia Edit

The Begining of Furries Kind Edit

2015, The Nuclear reactor of Grafenrheinfeld Nuclear Power Plant suddenly leak it's nuclear fallout over the Germany, unfortunatelly, at that time, Russia invade Europe with Biological weapon, after the World War 3 ended as the Russia offer peace to USA at very dramatic event (The Russia President captured by Ultranasionalist) Some people is found to be mutating to be Animal Like (Antrhoanimal) the number of Furries is increasing very fast at that time.

The Beginning in Asia and America Edit

2016, Furry Virus was spreading around the world (except Africa) making more and more people become Furries completely without Costume named Fursuit, the Furries start to feel different among Humans.

The World War 4 and the Rebellion Edit

2021, as the tension beetwen Furries Kind and Human Kind is so high, the Human set a war toward Furries Kind, Furries, Without any military power, defedeated very quickly and then the Human move them to Java island after year and years, Furries start to start its Rebellion toward Indonesia, the rebellion run for about 10 years and the result is Furries took Control of South East Asia, South Asia and Australia.

Meaning of Flag of Furrynesia Edit

Nation Flag Edit

The Paw on it Means, it's a Furry Nations The Unlimited or Infinity Logo Means Furrynesia is has Unlimited Potential and Unpredictable Green and Blue Cross mean, Nature, Calm, Stable, Friendly Behaviors Canine and Feline Tail means, Furry again? Furrynesia is United in Diversity, We don't care your Species Red and White mean origins of Furrynesia, Indonesia.

Cirle of Furs Alliance Edit

As the Count of Furry nation is starting to increasing, a Alliance is set to make these nation organized, it start to grow fast in Planet Anson, with the member consist of Human nation and Furry nation.

War of Furrynesia Edit

Furrynesia is also having war with some nation, it's biggest war is with Galts Gultch Member, the war was 3 vs 1 the Foe of Furrynesia was Sir Potato, at same time, Sheva0310 is Attacking Tanyard

Current Events Edit

The Nation as of 2/28/13 is a ally of the Greater Korean Republic